Guilty Gear: Accent Core! Rating the Instant Enders! - YoVideogames

22 mai 2018
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  • watching this as a trans girl who just recently got into +R and loves max's streams. it's too bad to go back and hear stuff about bridget with like the most paper thin of problematic lore lol (to be clear, love you guys, still always watch the streams but honestly if there's one thing that i'd ever like to talk to you about it's how you address trans topics when faced with them.) otherwise, great video as always

    Eva DeMelloEva DeMelloIl y a mois
  • 2:55 But Destroys were in the first one?

    Kotaro, Shinra AgentKotaro, Shinra AgentIl y a 3 mois
  • An 8 on May WTH

    relldafoxrelldafoxIl y a 3 mois
  • The npc dizzy can do an instant kill where she screams and lazers circle around her.

    Chris BarnettChris BarnettIl y a 4 mois
  • I'm so glad someone told them that some characters have different inputs for Destroyed, since they first skipped Dizzy and I was like "okay, I think I'm gonna skip this video and watch the Xrd Rating the Super."

    Ovelha do GeloOvelha do GeloIl y a 6 mois
  • Anyone know how to enable +R on 360? It's not letting me switch versions in the menu

    Raymond RodriguesRaymond RodriguesIl y a 6 mois
  • Yo I lost it when Kenny said "That's how Bedman was created" after Testaments IK on Millia at 32:49

    AnsemrpAnsemrpIl y a 6 mois
  • Geese: It takes true talent to achieve the Deadly Rave Attack! Order Sol: Hold my Pina Colada.

    Thomas LamsonThomas LamsonIl y a 11 mois
  • love you guys but you got the history all mushed up lol. GG not GG XX was the first released in the usa in 98. Played all since D1 during there original release.

    Matheo MayordomoMatheo MayordomoIl y a 11 mois
  • 6:08 "Imma go Dizzy" "Good ol Gillespie" I love you Kenny

    KarmicBead7193KarmicBead7193Il y a an
  • was anyone else wondering why max didnt just use the fightstick steve had?

    DarlingAFKDarlingAFKIl y a an
  • you people rate so low and have very little respect for the predecessor

    Robin HallRobin HallIl y a an
    • But dOoD it's not hYpE eNoUgH

      Jacob KelleyJacob KelleyIl y a 3 mois
  • lol its a punch? Are you even looking at the same screen?

    Robin HallRobin HallIl y a an
  • But you didn’t rate the first guilty gear

    JPsin89JPsin89Il y a an
  • "I dont like the shorts in Xrd" But, but, thats an Axl Rose reference XD

    Kosse mooreKosse mooreIl y a an
  • They called Bridget "she"? ...Ohhhhhh noooo...THEY DON'T KNOW.

    Kotaro, Shinra AgentKotaro, Shinra AgentIl y a an
  • No, Dizzy has an Instant Kill, it's just INSANELY HARD TO DO, LIKE ORDER-SOL. 13:20 Now if you struggle with this one, good luck even triggering Order Sol's. Note: Order-Sol has TWO Instant Kills, one for normal version, one for EX. (His EX is very easy to do, but the normal one is a full chain that all inputs must be completed in order to get the IK. Hint: Gold Order-Sol can do it without any additional inputs after the initial command, but it will only Instant Kill if the ensuing combo drops the opponent to 1 health.)

    Kotaro, Shinra AgentKotaro, Shinra AgentIl y a an
  • Today I learned Max can't read. "Chat how do I do the thing that's clearly labeled for me?!" God I love max. Lol. Also, no. Bridget does not identify as a woman. He was just disguised as a chick because japan likes their fantasies about Shotas. :|

    Pixel Zed EXPixel Zed EXIl y a an
  • I wouldn't mind a Guilty Gear collection that has: - Guilty Gear - Guilty Gear X - Guilty Gear X Plus - Guilty Gear X ver 1.5 - Guilty Gear X2 - Guilty Gear X2 Reload - Guilty Gear XX Slash - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R

    xxnike629xxxxnike629xxIl y a an
  • That timing on O Sols finisher is dumb precise, I did it once when I was younger then never tried again

    MegaTomPlaysMegaTomPlaysIl y a an
  • 7:00 I really love Zappa

    lulu alflulu alfIl y a an
  • 5:15 Zappa is my waifu too

    lulu alflulu alfIl y a an
  • Door of truth

    Bryan GilchristBryan GilchristIl y a an
  • Despite the name and appearance, Bridget is actually male. He was born in a village in England where the birth of twins of the same gender was considered bad luck, and hence his family named and raised him as a girl. When he became older, he decided that he would prove his worth and his masculinity by becoming a bounty hunter. The site TV Tropes has a trope named after Bridget. This is likely due to how Bridget managed to fool many players into thinking he is a young girl due to his appearance, clothing, upbringing, voice and speech pattern, only to be completely rebuked at Johnny's 3rd ending, when Bridget reveals his gender and why he's like that. Bridget is then quickly associated with the term 'Trap' (a term for describing boys disguising themselves as girl in a very convincing manner). However, a much more general term, "Unsettling Gender Reveal", is used. Bridget wears a headband with a male symbol inscribed (♂). Though he looks and dresses like a girl, Bridget is quick to confirm his gender when people mistake him for a girl, as proven in the ending in which he fights Johnny. In the game Disgaea 2, there is an NPC plant monster which looked female and is named Bridget, whom after being hit by a party member, the gender of said monster is revealed to be a male, like this Bridget. In the game series Arcana Heart, Dorothy Albright is given the nickname "Reverse-Bridget" due to her mannerisms and appearances as a boy. She also has blonde hair. In the manga series Ai Kora, one of the main characters, Yukari Tsukino is revealed to be part of an "Otaku Doujin circle". This is revealed on Chapter 27, and on the same chapter, page 4, Yukari looks at a bulletin board. On the board is a picture where she and three other friends are cosplaying as Guilty Gear characters. With her cosplaying as Bridget and the other three cosplaying as: Millia Rage, May and Baiken. Bridget's BlazBlue counterpart could possibly Noel Vermillion in terms of appearance and colour patterns, who is constantly mistaken as a boy by Bang Shishigami while Bridget was mistaken as a girl. Both have blonde hair as well as blue and white outfit. Players believed that Bridget's character design appearance that resembles Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade. Perhaps thanks to Jam strong liking to pretty boys, she's the only character so far that knew immediately that he was a boy despite of his appearance. Bridget is the second playable human kid character in the series; the first being is May. That's the lore, F the SJW's, they just ruin things for everyone.

    Otaku The GreatOtaku The GreatIl y a an
    • Same sex* Gender wasn't in broad usage until the 2010s when they started the push for the wackjob 'gender identity' thing so it could be used as a political tool. And was invented by a guy who supported pedophilia, necrophilia and beastiality named John Money. A person who caused the death of several people with his failed human experiments. Using the term "gender", at least in the context of this game. Is completely incorrect.

      IDKmyBFFJillIDKmyBFFJillIl y a an
    • @Luiji Ninja but i thought they explained the situation perfectly - he identifies as a boy so he is one regardless of how he dresses and acts. don't really see how you can get mad about that but i guess some people just go wild

      AniAniIl y a an
    • what do sjws have to do with it haha

      AniAniIl y a an
  • This video underlines the quintessential problem with modern fighting game fans. They want everything to be super flashy, drawn out an cinematic.

    TungstenViperTungstenViperIl y a an
    • @TungstenViper "i mean, if fans want a certain feature and won't buy that product unless that feature is in, what do you think developers will do?" Okay, so you bring up this example, but who is saying this? You need to prove that there is many people who say this. And why do these people represent the majority of fighting game fans? Burden of Proof is on you. Also, saying you have heard people say this is not evidence btw. That argument would simple be anecdotal. "my point is that sometimes a developer should know better and go against a certain group of fans to establish his personal vision and aim to reach certain fighting game standards." Why are you saying this as a fact? There is also the fact that this is also a business. And you also never prove that this is what developers want to do and that they cater to fans. Why do you assume that developers just don't want flashy fighting games? Why are you the judge of what's better or not for a fighting game. Yes, it's the standard, which is how the landscape evolves. Time flows and things like standards change. "nowadays, most fighting games go towards cinematics that stop the action in favor of cutscenes and spectacle while removing control from the player." And this is objectively bad why? You are pushing your standards on everyone else and acting like just because you don't like it, everyone should also not like it and that it's an issue. It becomes the nature of the fighting games. "all this because they want to cater more to tournament viewers and platforms like Twitch/FRlist. i personally don't see this as a positive, since it's very much proven by now that this MO doesn't contibute at all on sales and profits..." Where is your proof that this is the reason and that this refers to all fighting games? You made the claim, prove it. So you assume people who play the game don't like them? I play the games and I love them. Where is this objectively bad? It doesn't matter if the MO doesn't contribute to sales (you haven't proven your claim btw),. This is about presentation. It's simply aesthetics. Not every single thing in a game needs to contribute to sales or profits. Somethings can be put into the game just because developers want something more than just the basics. I see this as a positive as it shows the developers actually care about making their product look great. Guilty Gear and Blazblue are examples of this. Fun games with very nice visuals due to their flashy nature. You can't just say "this standard is bad because x, y and z" without actual evidence and expect people to just listen and believe. You are making an authoritative claim with no evidence and you proceed to flaunt your subjective opinion as fact and assume that the opposing mindset is objectively an issue without legitimate and sufficient evidence.

      Dragonmaster XYZDragonmaster XYZIl y a an
    • @Dragonmaster XYZ i mean, if fans want a certain feature and won't buy that product unless that feature is in, what do you think developers will do? my point is that sometimes a developer should know better and go against a certain group of fans to establish his personal vision and aim to reach certain fighting game standards. nowadays, most fighting games go towards cinematics that stop the action in favor of cutscenes and spectacle while removing control from the player. all this because they want to cater more to tournament viewers and platforms like Twitch/FRlist. i personally don't see this as a positive, since it's very much proven by now that this MO doesn't contibute at all on sales and profits...

      TungstenViperTungstenViperIl y a an
    • Is that an objective issue? From what I see, it's more of just how games have evolved over the years. Guilty Gear by nature is a ludicrously flashy franchise that thrives on being over-the-top. It's less an issue and more of a preference thing. Just because you don't think the supers have to be super flashy =/= that's an issue with fighting game fans.

      Dragonmaster XYZDragonmaster XYZIl y a an
  • The chat sucks

    Gr1mR3ap3r89Gr1mR3ap3r89Il y a an
  • Them figuring out Dizzy's is my favorite

    Jacob IsaacsJacob IsaacsIl y a an
  • Faust's alternate is the bomb is a dud, he checks and the opponent just wakes up with an afro

    Austin MorrisonAustin MorrisonIl y a an
  • Order sol needs to be ex to do his other destroyed attack

    8bit DragonFist8bit DragonFistIl y a an
  • Will you rate the ones from rev 2?

    A_creator's stuffA_creator's stuffIl y a 2 ans
  • Bridget; first trap in an anime fighter?

    Shadeslayer ZycronShadeslayer ZycronIl y a 2 ans
  • So... is Sol Badguy's name like a Muppets thing? Like, it's pronounced "Baadjee" or something?

    FearRangerFearRangerIl y a 2 ans
    • No it's just badguy.

      Tanya HarmonTanya HarmonIl y a an
  • I always lose it at "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME?!"

    Maze4DMaze4DIl y a 2 ans
  • I still have this game on the Xbox 360 lol

    Anime ArtistAnime ArtistIl y a 2 ans
  • order sol does have a instant kill. 2 as a matter of fact

    Queslee DannerQueslee DannerIl y a 2 ans
  • potemkin's insta kill is probably the most viable, as it can hit, with his whole body as the hit box, has super armor, and counters

    this guythis guyIl y a 2 ans
  • Dizzy has one, you guys weren't playing +R. You need to turn ver. R on in the settings. Dizzy in +R has an IK but the command is different and the startup in like an entire second

    Oxyacetylene オクシアセテリンOxyacetylene オクシアセテリンIl y a 2 ans
  • ah seeing max trying to do order-sol's massive ik, i know the feeling. just have to remeber it's like rock's deadly rave.

    izukazephoenixizukazephoenixIl y a 3 ans
  • Dizzy's Instant Kill input is crazy hard to do

    Daniel MDaniel MIl y a 3 ans
  • Bridget's is actually stupid cool when you know he's doing an actual yoyo trick called Shoot the Moon.

    TravisTravisIl y a 3 ans
    • @Riz Yep. Current TL;DR story with Bridget is that he was assigned male at birth, raised into traditionally feminine social roles, but still very quickly corrects people about his "he" pronouns.

      TravisTravisIl y a 18 jours
    • Bridget is a *HE*????

      RizRizIl y a 19 jours
  • So you give chipp a 7 but axel a four when they are almost the same but axels is better

    Romario CanoRomario CanoIl y a 3 ans

    Yuuki TerumiYuuki TerumiIl y a 3 ans
  • I like the idea of you're playing a fighting game and out of context: How do I do her super? Make them argue.

    Sonicfalcon16Sonicfalcon16Il y a 3 ans
  • No All Guns Blazing? D:

    The Seiyu ChannelThe Seiyu ChannelIl y a 3 ans
  • Bridget's is still my favorite, just because it's called "Shoot the Moon", which is both a Yo-yo trick and a literal description. Puns are great, don't fuckin' @ me. lol

    Kevin ElliottKevin ElliottIl y a 3 ans
  • Did Kenny just call Bridget a she? Kenny... Bridget is male. Best 3 finishers: Ino , Faust , Testament.

    G'eZz(Gaston)G'eZz(Gaston)Il y a 3 ans
  • Do Rate the Super on GG Xrd Rev 2. The IKs are fuckawesome, but you know that. Would you consider Smash Brothers worthy of your attention.

    Ned ZNed ZIl y a 3 ans
  • Ah, another episode of I Give It A Seven.

    MHArcadiaMHArcadiaIl y a 3 ans
    • Anime logic in a nutshell like there are anime involves number 7 beside dragon ball.

      Sodover ScourgeSodover ScourgeIl y a 5 mois
    • "Eh I'll give it a seven"

      BLITZ ?BLITZ ?Il y a an

    Jeffrey MaurerJeffrey MaurerIl y a 3 ans
  • You guys need to rate the ones from the original game

    Enosh StarcrodEnosh StarcrodIl y a 3 ans
  • Now do Xrd, please! :S

    L M AndionL M AndionIl y a 3 ans
  • Ex Order Sol, Does Sol's pain killer instant kill from Guilty Gear Missing link

    Kevin nightmareszzzKevin nightmareszzzIl y a 3 ans
  • I'm proud my name is Sol, the character is so dope. Shame his insta kill is wack but in Xrd its sick as fuck.

    KenStarSolKenStarSolIl y a 3 ans
  • Holy shit I never saw Order Sol's finisher; it looks sick as shit, I would've given it an 8!

    ZippedZippedIl y a 3 ans
  • Instant Kills were in the original.

    EssuEssuIl y a 3 ans
  • Yo, what about getting Accent Core Plus R to check out Justice's insta-kill? Kilff and Justice are available by default in the R version.

    Fabian OyagaFabian OyagaIl y a 3 ans
  • the only good thing about sol dragon install v2 is that it never runs out. Its like having Gold sol but not as OP xD

    KojikomosKojikomosIl y a 3 ans
  • The game that got me into fighting games... also, l didn´t know Max had another channel

    cpard2d2cpard2d2Il y a 3 ans
  • 18:53 - I appriciated the Full Metal Alchemist reference, even if it was blanked by everyone at the time!

    HoshHoshIl y a 3 ans
  • 17:02 Her Gamma Ray super is way more flashy and effective than that

    Osvaldo CortésOsvaldo CortésIl y a 3 ans
  • 20:10 here for the mini boss rage that is getting o.sols insta kill XD

    Vanitas50Vanitas50Il y a 3 ans
  • Why no Dizzy u can go into it right away

    SANS 224SANS 224Il y a 3 ans
    • Order gets his on ex order sol

      SANS 224SANS 224Il y a 3 ans
  • They should do this for Final Smashes

    Radboy HoursRadboy HoursIl y a 3 ans
  • "Axl dies and becomes Lord Raptor" *IT'S CANNON NOW!*

    RidleayromeroRidleayromeroIl y a 3 ans
    • In alternative universe

      Sodover ScourgeSodover ScourgeIl y a 5 mois
    • *canon

      Jacob IsaacsJacob IsaacsIl y a an
  • Did they really not realize Sol's instant was different(the second time)? But they had some weird opinions on the best ones throughout the video anyway....

    Anti-Nihilist EntertainmentAnti-Nihilist EntertainmentIl y a 3 ans
  • Why are the OSTs so hard to get for these games?!

    Youtube UserYoutube UserIl y a 3 ans
    • In CD format?

      I'm Just Teddy.I'm Just Teddy.Il y a 2 ans
  • The Raw ass metal soundtracks in these old GG games is so good!

    ZoMbi5lAy3rZoMbi5lAy3rIl y a 3 ans
  • What other games did you guys do on stream so far?

    soulslayer434soulslayer434Il y a 3 ans
  • as much as i like Xrd these sprites are amazing

    soulslayer434soulslayer434Il y a 3 ans
  • Wow. I-No's actually got downgraded in XRd.

    Paddlesaw TacticPaddlesaw TacticIl y a 3 ans
    • Downgraded? SHE'S T H I C C AF *BOI*

      I'm Just Teddy.I'm Just Teddy.Il y a 2 ans
  • Probably should've done this for Xrd

    Jwils The M.CJwils The M.CIl y a 3 ans
  • "Axl dies and becomes Lord Raptor" Headcanon accepted

    arthurppradoarthurppradoIl y a 3 ans
  • We need more Kenny.

    Hi BambiHi BambiIl y a 3 ans
  • Rate mk1 mk2 umk3 next

    Philie PhilPhilie PhilIl y a 3 ans
  • Say the names right then says rayoo lol

    Raian PiaRaian PiaIl y a 3 ans
  • When it comes to anime fighters, the Guilty Gear series is probably my favorite. For specific characters, Baiken, Robo-Ky, and Johnny.

    James StatonJames StatonIl y a 3 ans
  • I'm still watching the video, but I just reached Dizzy's instant kill and I think there's something to a video series about moves with ridiculous inputs. This Rate the Supers type series might cover it though if you're willing to really dig through early ones. SNK games alone are silly, but inputs from MK clones like Eternal Champions are also real dumb too.

    xeros720xeros720Il y a 3 ans
  • Love the Rate super Series, hope you do more

    OssanOssanIl y a 3 ans
  • I like Slayer's the best. For obvious reasons.

    DeathHaikuDeathHaikuIl y a 3 ans
  • Alot of the first Guilty Gear instant kills were much better than the ones in X series.

    Sean_ ImageSean_ ImageIl y a 3 ans
  • Essentially Order Sol's is like Yu's Thunder God Dance. (Vice Versa)

    Marakami SadaneoMarakami SadaneoIl y a 3 ans
  • I tried the first Guilty Gear out today and it had better instant kills than this. Guilty Gear X did get a GBA port that is not amazing but for a GBA game it's pretty good.

    MichaelaMichaelaIl y a 3 ans
    • Joshua zzz Original GG's IKs were debatable; Sol's and Ky's were better, Potemkin's was severely lacking and most others were left unchanged. As for the GBA port, it would be perfect if it weren't for the pushover AI and garbage sound design. It's fun on link play.

      Jide ObatJide ObatIl y a 3 ans
  • Guilty Gear: The "Blazblue" of the 90s!😎

    Joshua LoweJoshua LoweIl y a 3 ans
  • Many characters have better overdrive than instant kill

    BrogoxBrogoxIl y a 3 ans
  • That Order Sol dragon install Destroy was insane. Who would take their time to attempt that during a actual match 😂

    mrstaroflamarmrstaroflamarIl y a 3 ans
  • Storm 4 max!!!!!! Crazy specials there

    GamingPandaTetsuoGamingPandaTetsuoIl y a 3 ans
  • GG is the pinnacle of fighting games.

    kamatari edgarkamatari edgarIl y a 3 ans
    • kamatari edgar First instance of the generic Hyper Combo, courtesy of Chipp.

      Jide ObatJide ObatIl y a 3 ans
  • Guilty Gear makes me Kreygasm.

    Shayak MandalShayak MandalIl y a 3 ans
  • Dizzy's is so cool but crazy disappointing at the same time.

    Guy GuinoGuy GuinoIl y a 3 ans
    • Dizzy DOES have an Istant Kill, it's just too complicated to pull that off

      Er GastoloEr GastoloIl y a 3 ans
  • Man, I love older GG artstyle way more.The proportions of the characters and their designs. Sol is so smexy.

    Franchezco LamontFranchezco LamontIl y a 3 ans
    • @top 10 anime accounts *Smexy

      Weaboo HeabooWeaboo HeabooIl y a an
  • wouldn't have been better to edit the video like the original Blazblue one?

    GuigondiGuigondiIl y a 3 ans
  • Did anyone notice that the vs screen theme sounds the same as the one in Dragon Ball Fighterz?

    -ZA WARUDO--ZA WARUDO-Il y a 3 ans
  • There is a distinct lack of Justice in this video.

    ethan277ethan277Il y a 3 ans
  • max: "i dont like axl low shirt in the new games" me: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    AAIl y a 3 ans
  • Do Street Fighter ultras next!^^

    The Lightning PythonThe Lightning PythonIl y a 3 ans
    • Sf4 but sf2 is ok too.

      The Lightning PythonThe Lightning PythonIl y a 2 ans
    • The Lightning Python You talking about "Ultra" STREET FIGHTER 2 or "Ultra" STREET FIGHTER 4???

      Joshua LoweJoshua LoweIl y a 3 ans
  • Faust is like deadpool

    Eduardo FialhoEduardo FialhoIl y a 3 ans
  • One of the best fighting games in history. A time in which to include autocombos was unthinkable for a fighting game. PD: I expected to see Kliff and Justice T_T.

    Team One Piece Mugen OSTeam One Piece Mugen OSIl y a 3 ans
    • Pfft every single beat em had autocombos

      Sylas GraysonSylas GraysonIl y a an

      YouSoSpiceYouSoSpiceIl y a 3 ans
    • Raiden3651 Like I said, I’m not a hardcore fighting gamer, and probably not newer players to the genre like me. I just used what I had on me. That’s all the more reason (to me at least) to try and simplify things a bit early on.

      Addam HallAddam HallIl y a 3 ans
    • Addam Hall if you were using a 360 pad, youll make playing most fighting games that much more challenging execution wise.

      Raiden3651Raiden3651Il y a 3 ans
    • Raiden3651 Honestly, though. For somebody who played Skullgirls and a little Blazblue and really enjoyed them (with their not impossible controls if you practiced a little bit), Guilty Gear Xrd was a god damn nightmare and I barely started the story before I stopped playing because of how damn hard it was for me to use what people described as the easiest characters on an xbox controller. Maybe if I had a fightstick, itmay have been easier but I’m not that hardcore into fighting games.

      Addam HallAddam HallIl y a 3 ans
  • you forgot Jam!

    LightmareNoelLightmareNoelIl y a 3 ans
    • 5:25

      FreeforkFreeforkIl y a 3 ans
  • Faust is best boy and I'm glad you guys finally realized that

    MysticPyroFreakMysticPyroFreakIl y a 3 ans
  • Characters in Fighting games that have a Deadly Rave attack: Geese Rock Order Sol And Yu Narukami

    SuperFusionAJ93SuperFusionAJ93Il y a 3 ans
    • Hibiki from the last blade and richard myer from kof maximum impact 2

      WarCloudDaTyrantWarCloudDaTyrantIl y a 2 mois
    • Aka Fight Pad Agehao Supers

      Thomas LamsonThomas LamsonIl y a 5 mois
    • @DatKittyDawg Wow, hers actually has three variations? How did Geese not sure all these people yet? :D

      Accel Rider XAccel Rider XIl y a an
    • @Accel Rider X in kof 2001, then she gets an improved deadly rave in 2002

      DatKittyDawgDatKittyDawgIl y a an
    • @DatKittyDawg What? Athena has Deadly Rave? Where? P.S.: Terry has Deadly Rave too (SVC Chaos and KOF Maximum Impact 2/Regulation A).

      Accel Rider XAccel Rider XIl y a an