GEESE IS A NIGHTMARE - Terry Legacy (Pt. 1): Fatal Fury '91

19 oct. 2019
273 375 Vues

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  • The serous video game fighting enthusiast,played snk. It was a serious fighters game. It took skills to get good.

    ryler05ryler05Il y a 8 jours
  • I keep imagining that each time Max "inserts a quarter" Terry Bogard survives the fall and gets up again to challenge Geese: Terry: "Despite the pain, I will never lose! DETERMINATION!" Geese: "Sigh..." *Re-opens the same glass door which Terry flew out of 26 times already that day*

    Nero MauritzenNero MauritzenIl y a mois
  • 9:46 I find it funny

    Son Jojo DashSon Jojo DashIl y a mois
  • The first time you kick Geese Howard out of that window is one of the greatest feelings in gaming history. He is a DICK.

    Chad MolitorChad MolitorIl y a mois
  • Continue count: 25 1st stage (Richard): 0 2nd stage (Michael): 2 3rd stage (Tung): 6 4th stage (Duck): 0 5th stage (Hwa): 0 6th stage (Raiden): 4 7th stage (Billy): 0 Boss stage (Geese): 13

    Jean CostaJean CostaIl y a 2 mois
  • Yea that tong fue guy or whatever his name is, is definitely just master roshi😭

    Crazy WaveCrazy WaveIl y a 2 mois
  • To he fair, this game looks infinitely better than Street Fighter 2 original

    SuperNobody64SuperNobody64Il y a 2 mois
  • it all makes sense that terry is so powerful now. he had an anime

    Greyson ClarkGreyson ClarkIl y a 2 mois
  • So first You Armwrestle Hulk Hogan and then Hawk from Legion of Doom

    Sheldon Cooper81Sheldon Cooper81Il y a 3 mois
  • That Tung Fu Rue Fight was to Funny

    Sheldon Cooper81Sheldon Cooper81Il y a 3 mois
  • Hi Max! Love your channel and these games really bring me back. Can you do a World Heroes legacy series in the future :)

    john doejohn doeIl y a 3 mois
  • I remember you can do Terry's Crack Shot, Andy's Zan'ei Ken, or Joe's Tiger knee in mid-air. Just jump and do the command input for the move while your character is in the air and the character will appear back on the ground doing the said move.

    Allen LeungAllen LeungIl y a 3 mois
  • Holy bible dodd, greatness!

    jei19jei19Il y a 3 mois
  • @Maximilian Dood It's Bogard, not Bojack.

    Kendon L. TaylorKendon L. TaylorIl y a 3 mois
  • What is the name of the song as the end screen? I thought it was from rival schools and I can't find it. It's driving me nuts I finally found out it does exist. Thanks in advance.

    s14tats14tatIl y a 4 mois
    • @Lonely Knight ah yes, thanks

      s14tats14tatIl y a 2 mois
    • It's not from Rival Schools. It's Sakura's theme from SFEX called Precious Heart.

      Lonely KnightLonely KnightIl y a 2 mois
  • I did find the bonus section funny, Its a killer trying to win those arm wrestles

    lee graylee grayIl y a 4 mois
  • This brings back memories of 9th grade. Sigh... Tong Fu "F your quarters" Rue

    Lupo's alternative socialization roomLupo's alternative socialization roomIl y a 4 mois

    Lupo's alternative socialization roomLupo's alternative socialization roomIl y a 4 mois
  • The biggest travestly of this super cut is that Twitch deleted the 45 minute video of him just fighting geese!

    GungriffenGungriffenIl y a 5 mois
  • Man, you got lucky twitch didn't take that arm wrestling section out of context.

    John Hammon NullJohn Hammon NullIl y a 5 mois
  • "Guilty Gear shit & its 1991" I died 😂

    Down_that_wayDown_that_wayIl y a 5 mois
  • I'm glad that Sound Beach is in KOF XV, and I hope other stages are cool SNK references

    Hayden FisherHayden FisherIl y a 5 mois
  • What is the epic song that plays in the beginning of each terry legacy episode?

    The Brewery of JaxThe Brewery of JaxIl y a 5 mois
  • Thanks to Max I’m now working to master KOF XIII! Thanks Max!

    Noah Da. ArkNoah Da. ArkIl y a 5 mois
  • Oh shoot, Axel and Blaze are hiding behind Richard Myer

    LeVar AnthonyLeVar AnthonyIl y a 5 mois
  • "My hand hurts, I have to switch hands."

    FoolFoolIl y a 7 mois
  • I had this game but no Neo Geo :p. Only really played a few times in the arcade and rediscovered KOF/Fatal Fury around the Wild Ambition days.

    Joseph RyanJoseph RyanIl y a 7 mois
  • I’m pretty sure that the 1919 ending is meant to say 1991

    The ninja GamerThe ninja GamerIl y a 7 mois
    • Well, kinda. The game was released in 1991, but is actually supposed to show the date of the internal clock (2019 in the case of this video). They didn't account for 2000 onwards back then, though, hence the W2K bug.

      Accel Rider XAccel Rider XIl y a 2 mois
  • SNK tried to make 2000 in 1991 but couldn’t do it due to the Y2K bug lol

    SolonSaturn GamingSolonSaturn GamingIl y a 10 mois
  • I kinda wish SNK make a Fatal Fury NeoGeo Collection similar to like how SNK did made a Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection.

    Matthew KellyMatthew KellyIl y a 10 mois
  • Can anyone tell me the name of the opening theme song? I'd appreciate it.

    WukeywukeyWukeywukeyIl y a 10 mois
    • @Dominick Weiss Thank you!

      WukeywukeyWukeywukeyIl y a 7 mois
    • It's the arranged version of the opening to Fatal Fury 3.

      Dominick WeissDominick WeissIl y a 7 mois
  • The guy that made the first street fighter created fatal fury.

  • Always though Andy was the easiest character to use in the first Fatal Fury, one of my favourite soundtracks to any game ever, great content!

    N_Gage1N_Gage1Il y a 10 mois
  • Seeing Max's hand slamming furiously outside of frame during bone us stages couldn't have been orchestrated any funnier. And so, now we know what trips his trigger.

    IanPeonIanPeonIl y a 10 mois
  • 21:39 That's literally just the plot to Star Wars.

    BubbabyteBubbabyteIl y a 11 mois
  • Max now we need a Rock Legacy Kyo Legacy & Iori Legacy

    Lo_clas DinoLo_clas DinoIl y a 11 mois
  • max, you fnny as sht... lov you man, but thats not carl jr., thats the new kool-aid flavor that came out in tha projects in 1989!!... look at it close(14:15)

    chris wallacechris wallaceIl y a an
  • 5:40 Max is over here asking the real questions.

    Manjitou YoshimitsuManjitou YoshimitsuIl y a an
  • Max: "What does he think he's fucking Batman?" Also Max: "FUCKING BATMAN CROSSUP!" I dunno why, but that got me. XD

    Accel Rider XAccel Rider XIl y a an
  • Aaaaaaaagh

    da guida guiIl y a an
  • Will you ever do a Kyo Kusanagi legacy?

    YuriOnEdgeYuriOnEdgeIl y a an
  • He has to have a website or some shit 😂 😂

    Adam WBCAdam WBCIl y a an
  • Terry looks like Nick cage in this game

    Shura SparkShura SparkIl y a an
  • I don't like Geese all they do is shit everywhere, this one is no different.

    mike longmike longIl y a an
  • The intro music reminds me of some 1990's Wrestling theme song lol. I can't quite pinpoint who it reminds me of though🤔

    mike longmike longIl y a an
  • I can't be the only one who was surprised about Terry being announced for Smash Ultimate.

    Soma CruzSoma CruzIl y a an
  • Yeah, back in the early days of fighting games, Command Throws, Command Grabs, and Command Counters has no animation states at all.

    Midnight ThunderMidnight ThunderIl y a an
  • Time to rewatch the Terry Legacy

    Soop PlazaSoop PlazaIl y a an
  • 7:01 oh no master roshi is reaching his maximum power level

    Ethan HolmesEthan HolmesIl y a an
  • Screw the rules, I have money!

    Avalon AzureAvalon AzureIl y a an
  • When Max was mashing the button for the arm wrestling mini-game, it looked like he was...yeah... that would be some "out of context" fun. XD

    RokoTiger's GamingClaws95RokoTiger's GamingClaws95Il y a an
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling to beat that arm wrestling dude

    Nestor GarciaNestor GarciaIl y a an
  • Geese is beyond cheap in this game the recovery after the repuken is criminal

    Playa 1Playa 1Il y a an
  • You can tell this was made by a Japanese company in the late 80s to early 90s because half of the Americans in this game are blond

    Beta XeetaBeta XeetaIl y a an
  • Hwa Jai and Raiden actually ended up in King of Fighters XIII lmao

    Lucas CaballeroLucas CaballeroIl y a an
  • 1:48 I ask myself the same question in the bathroom mirror every Monday morning

    Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale DimmadomeDoug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale DimmadomeIl y a an
  • Just as enjoyable watching Geese beat your ass many times as you finally winning against him.when used play game his counter throw works on burning knuckle too

    skullmanic1skullmanic1Il y a an
  • The day is based on the date you input when you set up your Neo Geo cabinet, if I can recall. There is an internal clock that the system uses that you set up (like a smartphone). Therefore, the date of Geese's death in Fatal Fury is whatever the date you set up in the internal clock.

    Allen LeungAllen LeungIl y a an
    • That's actually cool as hell!

      John StarkJohn StarkIl y a an
  • So.. Did Geese actually die in Fatal Fury, and every game after that he appears as a guest character, or does he comes back to life somehow?

    David DamascenoDavid DamascenoIl y a an
    • He survives the first fall in Fatal Fury, but dies from his second one in Real Bout Fatal Fury. In King of Fighters timeline the second fall never happens, so Geese is still alive in that series.

      Accel Rider XAccel Rider XIl y a an
    • He got better from the 1st fall, the second fall is an alternate timeline

      John StarkJohn StarkIl y a an
  • 12:00 *_Ladies and Gentlemen....we got em_*

    Johnny SaleryJohnny SaleryIl y a an
  • This was the game where me and my brothers would come up crazy names for the specials. Like "whole wheat!" And "Goddamn tomato!"

    Introgauge .CIntrogauge .CIl y a an
  • These videos have gotten me back into snow fighters lol. I'm playing kof 2000 now

    Beaze17Beaze17Il y a an
  • 1919? That's a freaking mistranslation

    Misterjersey54Misterjersey54Il y a an
    • @John Stark Yep. Damned Y2K bug...

      Dominick WeissDominick WeissIl y a 7 mois
    • @TaurusOxford so it looped?

      John StarkJohn StarkIl y a an
    • It's actually not. The game is programmed to know what date it is when you beat the game, but SNK never accounted for anyone playing the game past the year 1999.

      TaurusOxfordTaurusOxfordIl y a an
  • He flies around because he's a geese!

    Minato NamikazeMinato NamikazeIl y a an
  • October 1919

    Tito HabifTito HabifIl y a an
  • 7:00 Master Roshi 🤣😂

    Dave GamingDave GamingIl y a an
  • Ahhhh Fatal Fury ^_^ The memories...

    WerilloRulzWerilloRulzIl y a an
  • You're the best man!

    TheAdaptableAnkleTheAdaptableAnkleIl y a an
  • there you go. very good. SNK # 1

    MA-121MA-121Il y a an
  • I legit thought the 1919 thing was a typo of 1991 (Because it was the early 90's and that sort of shit happened a LOT back then...)

    LtheOriginalLtheOriginalIl y a an
  • W O W E E !

    YeetYeetIl y a an
  • The SNK cabinet had an internal clock you set up, it even tells you the birthdays of characters in certain games. Dude you have been doing this for years, did you not do your homework? It came out in 1991, NOBODY KNEW ABOUT THE 2K BUG BECAUSE BACK THEN IT WASN'T AN ISSUE.

    Lord SethonanLord SethonanIl y a an
  • You silly son of an ice cream maker, Geese has no weaknesses. You always merely get lucky.

    Lord SethonanLord SethonanIl y a an
  • 12:59 "I think he actually got worse after drinking..." Wow, just like in real life! So much realism in such an old game!

    RubercaineRubercaineIl y a an
  • More frustrating early SNK fighter: Art of Fighting 1, or Fatal Fury 1?

  • Dude a hundred fuckin years ago terry kicked the shit outta someone

    John GarciaJohn GarciaIl y a an
  • Awesome how the controls are almost as good as a boss as Geese is

    Uandres BritoUandres BritoIl y a an
  • Why does Terry scream 'BURN WEED' when he does a Power Wave.

    RickyRickyIl y a an
  • With time passing in the background I like to imagine that all the times Terry got kicked off the building are canon and he just hits the ground, gets back up and runs back to the top for a rematch.

    SuperLlama42SuperLlama42Il y a an
  • three thing happened in 1919: world war one ended, the roaring twenties began and...terry bogard defeated geese howard!

    vintagetvandexcitingvintagetvandexcitingIl y a an
  • I play this on Sega and this is golden!

    Kimochi BanzaiKimochi BanzaiIl y a an
  • Terry most certainly does not say "Are you OK?" After kicking Geese out of the window. Funnily enough,he does the same thing about 2 more times in the other Fatal Fury games...

    pj o'mayopj o'mayoIl y a an
  • 11:56 to 12:26 the ending of Max's no-nut October.

    Rick DeckardRick DeckardIl y a an
  • Welcome to the world of SNK, where the fighting games are awesome, the early games stiff as fuck, and the characters far more interesting.

    Bloodreign1Bloodreign1Il y a an
  • The controls have always been hard to master in Fatal Fury

    Symphonia30Symphonia30Il y a an
  • the original arcade machine use the current date. maybe they never thought someone would keep playing in 2019. and there is no date after 1999.

    eder uribeeder uribeIl y a an
  • 11:57 - DSP Fap Time: Max Edition

    Yoshi -TheOreoYoshi -TheOreoIl y a an
  • I love when max gives referens towards his friends in games =D

    MR GreenMR GreenIl y a an
  • Im so happy not bc hes in smash i mean yea but, i feel like more people are looking at snk games now im glad someone knows the game and plays well thanks man

    HammondofhamHammondofhamIl y a an
  • Oh my God...the Tuuung Fuuuuu Ruuuue was hilarious lol

    Matt El ComicólogoMatt El ComicólogoIl y a an
  • Who's gonna watch all because Terry's in Smash?

    KarurosustarKarurosustarIl y a an
  • What’s the song playing in the background before he starts playing?

    SebSebIl y a an
  • I noticed around 2:37 Max's Webcam flickered. I had this same problem when I stream or capture gameplay with my capture card in OBS studio. Can anybody help me with this problem??

    Ed Da BawshEd Da BawshIl y a an
  • Tung Fu Rue is Master Roshi :)>

    Starmage SeerStarmage SeerIl y a an
  • I like the fact that this game had two against one waaaaaaaaaay before Street Fighter. You only need a second player.

    Gregorio CruzGregorio CruzIl y a an
  • You could actually do co op in this game to get to geese.. but you gotta fight each other before you proceed to geese

    SatosaSatosaIl y a an
  • ...jeez this was so cringy. He keeps clowning around for the chat instead of focusing on the fight.When did Maximillian became such an obnoxious twat? Is this just a character he does for the twitch stream, cuz I don't remember him being this annoying during the Assist Me days.

    Carlos AbduCarlos AbduIl y a an
    • @RayMinishi OMG if someone gives criticism it must be trolls XD. Mindless drone fanboy detected.

      TerabyteTerabyteIl y a an
    • The bait is reals.

      RayMinishiRayMinishiIl y a an
  • Terry ryo and mia was my team

    Ricardo GonzalezRicardo GonzalezIl y a an
  • Someone should probably tell Max that Tung Fu Rue is Terry's master.

    Fear Dat DFear Dat DIl y a an
  • Terry is at least 120 years old ....

    Bimal PudasainiBimal PudasainiIl y a an