EVO 2013 - The King of Fighters XIII - Top 8

25 juil. 2013
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EVO 2013 - The King of Fighters XIII - Top 8

  • 2021!!!!!!

    nurb racernurb racerIl y a 27 jours
  • 37:13 ..shaking hands...not knowing Reynold was gonna end Woo's career at Grand finals 🤣🤣

    MFKMFKIl y a mois
  • summarizing the game: MR karate, iori and kim

    lokkkolokkkoIl y a 2 mois
  • Feels so good when MadKOF lost. Lmao balls spammer haha.

    CamboTechGamingCamboTechGamingIl y a 2 mois
  • 29:39 Dan infinite

    Bowski awsBowski awsIl y a 2 mois
  • Got recommended this in 2021 Grand Finals was pretty hype and Reynald didn't have to loop Hee San Woo that bad with Benimaru and Chin lol

    Myth Of InsanityMyth Of InsanityIl y a 2 mois
  • what a grand finals, this game is cool

    Keith HoganKeith HoganIl y a 2 mois
  • Reynauld got the shades on, you can't see me

    Keith HoganKeith HoganIl y a 2 mois
  • I cant play kof 13 for shit but my God this game is amazing as a spectator esport

    Scrub_FGCScrub_FGCIl y a 4 mois
  • 2020...

    Hafiz FarrahHafiz FarrahIl y a 5 mois
    • 2021

      Der DiDer DiIl y a 4 mois
  • "crowd are on their feet...i think" "They're on the stage" Early 21st humor

    Am i still Streaming?Am i still Streaming?Il y a 5 mois
  • All these year later still can’t believe the lone American won this tournament wow Reynald is the best damn fighting game player of all time should have made top 8 in 2018

    Lewis StewardLewis StewardIl y a 6 mois
  • Starts at 9:23

    RocketPawnchRocketPawnchIl y a 8 mois
  • Tournaments fantastic

    a aa aIl y a 9 mois
  • I haven't seen this since I watched it live. Forgot how it ended. That finish was straight out of a movie.

    Czikkan HardtCzikkan HardtIl y a 9 mois
  • 1:54:51 That shit was a canon fight. Looked choreographed.

    Czikkan HardtCzikkan HardtIl y a 9 mois
  • Cool

    a aa aIl y a 9 mois
  • 2:51:32 The commentator scream goes perfectly with him throwing his stick LOL

    SIMIFUSIMIFUIl y a 10 mois
  • Reynald is on fire.! 41:36 1:55:21 1:58:24

    쿄쿠사나기쿄쿠사나기Il y a an
  • good old times man, i remember been crazy when Reynold started going crazy with Kyo, i started screaming and all XD.

    Pedro SilvaPedro SilvaIl y a an
    • Hi ^^

      킹오브95팬킹오브95팬Il y a an
  • Oynayin lan kuzi keriler

    Geheb HeheheGeheb HeheheIl y a an
  • This game is so beautiful to watch at the highest level. I can't get enough of it.

    J TulioJ TulioIl y a an
    • @J Tulio it wont happen but okay

      RunehearthRunehearthIl y a 6 mois
    • NubeNegra I would love it if SNK added more characters to this game at some point as a new release, since it is a fan favorite. The roster *could* be even better.

      J TulioJ TulioIl y a an
    • @NubeNegra modern evo is just some sjw propaganda, political correct and filled with snowflakes. I like kof because the pros are "normal" people. I don't want to watch some person who thinks he is an animal and act disgusting in front of camera or some man who dressed like school girl

      your tagsyour tagsIl y a an
    • your tags it’s a real shame too. Nowadays you’re seeing A LOT of companies taking shortcuts for games that have a huge fan base. Noteably Capcom and nintendo. The developers for this game spared no expense. It’s a beautiful game. It’s not broken. Sure EX Kyo ex iori and me karate are top tier but you could have even been successful with Leona in this game. Such a shame it was short lived. This is a prime example of a company working on a video game out of love rather than profit

      NubeNegraNubeNegraIl y a an
    • IKR we lack of kofxiii content!

      your tagsyour tagsIl y a an
  • Best looking fighting games of all time: 1.- KoF XIII 2.- Street Fighter III 3rd Strike 3.- Guilty Gear Xrd

    Vik HdezVik HdezIl y a an
    • @laos85 I'm a sucker for sprites, and it's sad to see them go

      Rubem EvangelistaRubem EvangelistaIl y a 2 jours
    • Real 2d is unmatched.

      laos85laos85Il y a 2 jours
    • Add DBFZ to the list now

      Rubem EvangelistaRubem EvangelistaIl y a 3 mois
    • That's a weird way to spell UMVC3 bro

      The Amazing Izzy ZeeyaThe Amazing Izzy ZeeyaIl y a 9 mois
    • agreed! Garou MOTW as an honorable mention, the animation is too smooth

      Corey MasonCorey MasonIl y a an
  • From art point of view, this game is considered as a masterpiece. The game was super hard to developed as every characters are pixel arts drawn on top of 3D models frame by frame. Every frames are pixel arts, but the smoothness of the animation, layers of colours on the skin and outfit of the characters, the shadow placement for every frame of animation is just mindblowing. Just imagine the amount of works and time to produce this game.

    Darrold HansenDarrold HansenIl y a an
    • 2d is always superior to 3d in raw looks. It's completely hand drawn means it can alternated in style in any details. Something you can't achieve in 3d. While 3d is better in realism.

      laos85laos85Il y a 2 jours
    • @Diego Hernandez whats wrong with they're sprites they look fine to me

      son odvson odvIl y a 3 mois
    • @Dreamcast DaziaYeah, not exactly like MK11, only the visual effects of moves and graphics of MK11, XV has better looking characters. SFV has better Clothes animation and move to move changes looks smoother compared to XV, feels better. I guess that's just how I feel...

      RonaldoRonaldoIl y a 3 mois
    • @Ronaldo Ew no. MK 11 looks good but it will age with time. Kof 165 won't. And it looks nice than Sf5

      Dreamcast DaziaDreamcast DaziaIl y a 3 mois
    • @Dreamcast Dazia XV is fine. But 3d cell shading can do a lot better visually like SFV or MK11. Maybe they were tight on the budget. KOF16 can look like MK11 maybe someday...

      RonaldoRonaldoIl y a 3 mois
  • 1 lũ gà :))

    Kai LumiaKai LumiaIl y a 2 ans
  • I've always associated KOF as being a derivative of Street Fighter--but after dabbling in DBFZ, Blazblue, and UNIST and rewatching these matches--I can definitely see how people call KOF 13 an anime game as well. It's starting to make more sense now =).

    cutcccutccIl y a 2 ans
  • Asians are intel and dummy at the same time, i mean tokido great player but look at his team... just no bro, no. 2 strikers and one more or less zoning. Anohter thing is asians never pick grapplers, big mistake.

  • To this day there has yet to be a fighting game that looks as good as this. Xrd and DBFZ have got nothing on kof13's looks.

    barkon34barkon34Il y a 2 ans
    • @Lilly McKinnon if XIII sprites were sharpened further and upgraded to look close to strive with a bit zoom-in... That game would be on a whole other level. They lack the funds to go that route again...

      RonaldoRonaldoIl y a 3 mois
    • @SkrataNe KOF XIII didn't used Unreal Engenie

      Mok-axeMok-axeIl y a an
    • @Lilly McKinnon Damn didn't even know XIII used unreal. also samsho looked pretty good so yeah i think it'll look great now

      SkrataNeSkrataNeIl y a an
    • @BgXERO Agreed. I can't wait to see KOF 15! Unlike KOF 14 which looked ugly, they've apparently gone back to using the unreal engine (the same as guilty gear and kof 13). So I'm sure it'll look super beautiful and hopefully play beautifully too.

      Lilly McKinnonLilly McKinnonIl y a an
    • @Lilly McKinnon I like the look of Xrd more as well. But KoF 13 is really pretty in sprite work.

      BgXEROBgXEROIl y a an
  • God that grand finals is amazing

    ki1ler7ki1ler7Il y a 3 ans
  • Its 2018. I still like this game. Are you listening SNK?

    RiddlerRiddlerIl y a 3 ans
    • Yes the 14 and 15 looks worse compared to it

      laos85laos85Il y a 2 jours
  • 2013 awesome Kof Game.Really wish they stick to the 2d or at Least let the Specials still look flashy

    King WaterKing WaterIl y a 3 ans
  • Reynal's benimaru was phenomenal

    Efendy LieEfendy LieIl y a 3 ans
  • we're commentating a fighting game. some cool stuff is happening. OHHHHhhh!!! Some REALLY COOL stuff IS happening!! OHHHHHAHAOWHAAHH!!! AMAZING, INSANE, FUCK, AWESOME SHTUFF IS AHPAENNING!!! OOHADHHD1/K13UF0ZF!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1 LOUDERRRRRRR!!!! LOUUUUSUDDDAERFD!!!! Top tier mic balance. I appreciate this vid, and no offense to Spooky, but jesus fucking christ the mic volume is an issue.

    FullmetalHimeFullmetalHimeIl y a 3 ans
  • why all the cafeID are a dicks

    Michael MyersMichael MyersIl y a 3 ans
  • BENIMERU! Should have watched the vid before reading the comments. Could have spoiled something...

    FreeforkFreeforkIl y a 3 ans
  • its no surprise that Verna lose. idiot was acting cool with his stupid prayer pose and dumb sunglasses in such dim lighting. He totally cant see clearly. Serves him right for trying to be cool with the sunglasses..

    GhostRxGhostRxIl y a 4 ans
  • I dunno, I feel sorry for Xian, he always looks ready to commit seppuku when he loses...

    Don RaggoDon RaggoIl y a 4 ans
    • Don't be, he won Street Fighter 4 that year.

      cartoonjerkcartoonjerkIl y a 4 ans
  • great victory!

    Antonio AndersonAntonio AndersonIl y a 4 ans
  • I feel commentaries are quite biased to some players... donno why

    Woojoo KimWoojoo KimIl y a 4 ans
  • Excellent tournament !!!!!!

    erick medmererick medmerIl y a 4 ans
  • I feel bad for Hee. He looked like he was about to cry after losing twice.

    Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The ThirdDr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The ThirdIl y a 4 ans
  • 동네형 처발려서 공감찍음 캬

    앞니분쇄기앞니분쇄기Il y a 5 ans
  • The reason why Verna lost is because of that stupid sun glass, which he thinks that makes him looks cool. LAME!!

    VspecVspecIl y a 5 ans
  • Just shows how unbalanced the game is when everyone plays the same characters.

    Andre00xAndre00xIl y a 5 ans
  • In honestly hurts the direction KOF is going in since KOFXIV was announced. Budget and bad management issues aside, an expansion of a good foundation like this game would do more than a total, and soulless rehash of the series. Been playing since KOF 97'

    ITHMustDieITHMustDieIl y a 5 ans
    • +Jelly Jiggler24 Series is doomed.

      ITHMustDieITHMustDieIl y a 5 ans
    • +Jelly Jiggler24 You're totally right Goddamn third world country players in Pakistan and Mexico, they're probably playing with a tuna fish lid attached to an antenna.

      ITHMustDieITHMustDieIl y a 5 ans
    • +ITHMustDie Not seeing the problem that KOF fans are having with a new game that will bring in far more new players to the scene than simply rehashing 13 again.

      GIR177GIR177Il y a 5 ans
  • 1:21:03 KISSING TIPS!?

    SeigrunSeigrunIl y a 5 ans
  • Dat fckin comeback!

    Iker SánchezIker SánchezIl y a 5 ans
    • oikujytrew

      Soko1 JrSoko1 JrIl y a 5 ans
    • oikujytrew

      Soko1 JrSoko1 JrIl y a 5 ans
  • como se llama ese mando que ocupan estos jugadores ?

    Ariel TorresAriel TorresIl y a 5 ans
    • +Dako ll Joystick :D

      Iker SánchezIker SánchezIl y a 5 ans
    • arcade?

      Axl BlasphemyAxl BlasphemyIl y a 5 ans
  • Almost felt like Mad Kof lost cause he started taking things easy after building a lead.

    cartoonjerkcartoonjerkIl y a 5 ans
  • Man, a good variety of characters be showcased here. I don't think of i've seen 10 or 11 characters getting use like this.

    Erick daGreatErick daGreatIl y a 5 ans
  • Reynald is THE MAN

    freeeeeman952freeeeeman952Il y a 5 ans
  • damn i wish this was on xbox one and ps4

    SEALSEALIl y a 5 ans
    • Yall got your wish

      Khaos SlayerKhaos SlayerIl y a an
    • me too bro

      shadow jago SSJshadow jago SSJIl y a 5 ans
  • Awesome

    gokigokiIl y a 5 ans
  • lol kept hearing "taquito"

    134513 1435134513 1435Il y a 6 ans
  • Dat Tokido always get his ass kicked.

    Jake SensJake SensIl y a 6 ans
  • i love hellpocket's voice

    marche4evermarche4everIl y a 6 ans
  • Графен ну просто 1952 год)

    Alex JamesAlex JamesIl y a 6 ans
  • The commentary seems to put Xian in some distaste. Pricks..

    NightcoreHeavenNightcoreHeavenIl y a 6 ans
  • 9:20 for first game

    epsileneepsileneIl y a 6 ans
  • the final match was amazing!!

    Kingsy CoronaKingsy CoronaIl y a 6 ans
  • KOF XIII is good overall, but I can't say it the best. Kof 98 and 99 are in my opinion are the best, having kof2k2 just a bit below them. In Kof 98-99 you could be good with every single character and every single character can defeat any other.whereas this Game, as it has been point out (true kof players would know) many characters don't stand a chance some to others and that is just wrong. I used to be play with chang and all of my peers heated him so much. You see, a massive ball of fat, was a nightmare. Can you say the same of raiden?

    Alejandro LugoAlejandro LugoIl y a 6 ans
    • Kof 98 is one of the most balanced Kofs there is, but Kof XIII is just as balanced and is widely pointed out as the most balanced Kof where every character has a chance against any other character. For the longest time there isn't a tier list in Kof XIII where Kof 98, 99, and 2002 there is clearly a tier list. I am actually interested to hear what are those "true kof players" you are talking about, as I never heard any interviews of that sort. Specific names and sources would be appreciated.

      cartoonjerkcartoonjerkIl y a 6 ans
  • this game looks awesome but I'm not a fan crazy combo corner juggles. its just not fun for me.

    Dion MoseDion MoseIl y a 6 ans
    • you should watch street fighter 3rd strike then

      Michael MyersMichael MyersIl y a 3 ans
    • It is about getting combos, but the most damaging ones aren't possible without the drive meters or a lot of resources (except for the Iori infinite). So resource management in this game is crucial as well.

      cartoonjerkcartoonjerkIl y a 6 ans
    • Nah. Kof is all about getting combos. How you do so is all up to you.

      Ayanda NxumaloAyanda NxumaloIl y a 6 ans
    • You need your entire drive meters to make crazy corner juggles work for the most part and once you drop it there is almost no getting it back. It all depends on if you want to gamble your resources on one crazy corner combo or spend them on small combos. There are also many situations where you need to spend your resources just to stop your opponent (thus preventing you from doing crazy corner juggles).

      cartoonjerkcartoonjerkIl y a 6 ans
  • YOLO !? :*(

    SenesoulSenesoulIl y a 6 ans
  • When are there gonna be more melee

    Darius MahoneDarius MahoneIl y a 6 ans
  • why they keep using the same characters?so noob....especialy tokido....u noob

    ZeroSiferXZeroSiferXIl y a 6 ans
  • Melee is just way better than this...

    swimr93swimr93Il y a 6 ans
    • Not really.

      NightcoreHeavenNightcoreHeavenIl y a 6 ans
    • Me?

      miguel mirandamiguel mirandaIl y a 6 ans
    • Yet you're doing what you're accusing others of doing.Why?

      KarinKoenig7KarinKoenig7Il y a 6 ans
    • Jerks.

      miguel mirandamiguel mirandaIl y a 6 ans
    • @Czikkan Hardt As if there's a problem with being female? Like I said...an opinion, I can deal with yours. You should practice dealing with people who think different than you. Although I don't think I'll be paying much attention to your uninformed opinion on games like "Pokemon Fighters...or whatever"

      swimr93swimr93Il y a 6 ans
  • Wow, people actually play this shit?

    John DoeJohn DoeIl y a 6 ans
    • Shit? Even Tokido play this game '-'

      Shingo YabukiShingo YabukiIl y a 6 ans
    • its not shit man

      DAZ187DAZ187Il y a 6 ans
  • 13:38 dat deathstare... lol.

    oDajon77oDajon77Il y a 6 ans
  • would like them challenge god slayer ken 4.7

    JeomaxxJeomaxxIl y a 6 ans
  • 53:00

    Grey SilverGrey SilverIl y a 6 ans
  • "He internationally beat everybod..y. " Nope, except Bala, The real king, King of fighters :)

    Red AngelRed AngelIl y a 7 ans
    • As much as I also like Bala, I just can't see how people still rank him as one of the best when he got beat by Mad KOF in Evo 2012 and later lose to another one of MadKof's teammate.

      cartoonjerkcartoonjerkIl y a 6 ans
    • so true..

      Ritesh HasijaRitesh HasijaIl y a 6 ans
  • lmfao he tossed his arcade stick!!! that salt!! hahahahahahaaha!!!

    M2DaARM2DaARIl y a 7 ans
    • which one? i'm halfway through this video :D

      CascadeFreakCascadeFreakIl y a 6 ans
  • Autism has taken fighting games into the dark ages. Savant analysis of hit boxes damage input output and combo potential has made fighting games boring to watch. I'll stick to playing with friends casually so that we don't all just pick the same 6 characters every round and actually keep gameplay diverse and exciting. Watching EVO tournaments is really just seeing the top 6 characters fight each other to see whos the best that year. Not really the players because the players are just using the characters the elite pro gamers say are the best. I'd rather watch people that have a fighting game background but arent pros pick whoever they think looks cool and fight that way. Watching pros fight is like a bmx contest where everybody does the same trick hoping to win.

    JupiterLoungeJupiterLoungeIl y a 7 ans
  • sf pro's just need to stay on sf this game has to many mechanics for them... and before anyone talks shit yeah i know UMVC3 has Sf pros playing it but in this game you cant kill all 3 chars or 2 at a time so foh lol

    M2DaARM2DaARIl y a 7 ans
  • When life gives you lemon , make ex-lomonade

    MrRiceball CawsMrRiceball CawsIl y a 7 ans
    • @Rubem Evangelista I cringed too at that part LOL

      Patrick FitzgeraldPatrick FitzgeraldIl y a 2 mois
    • I cringed so hard. And I still liked it lol

      Rubem EvangelistaRubem EvangelistaIl y a 3 ans
  • 日本人一定很幹

    叫我杰哥叫我杰哥Il y a 7 ans
  • What did the sign say can someone translate?

    LynxLynxIl y a 7 ans
  • I like taquitos.

    RBEO22RBEO22Il y a 7 ans
  • Kof Is my favorite fighting game series of all time next to SF

    ExileAngeloExileAngeloIl y a 7 ans
  • Fuck Mr. Wizard for scheduling this game before any other top 8 that day.

    WeechoWeechoIl y a 7 ans
  • "FATAL STRI-FATAL STRI-FATAL STRIKE!!!" Oh wait...King is saying Venom Strike...? Oh. My bad. XD

    Andrew WAndrew WIl y a 7 ans
  • kof 13 is the best one i hope they keep hd meter it makes the game fair other kofs you could just go crazy and kill a entire character now its the perfect game it would be the best fighter ever if the online net code wasn't terrible

    Angelo AlvarezAngelo AlvarezIl y a 7 ans
  • I want a new Capcom VS SNK!

    PfirsichkriegerPfirsichkriegerIl y a 7 ans
    • With these graphics would have been beautiful.

      sadie mae lou bluesadie mae lou blueIl y a 2 ans
  • Some of these players look incredibly uniterested in what they're doing. Then again, I understand why, seeing how much you need to concentrate during a tournament.

    Box of CoxBox of CoxIl y a 7 ans
  • 1:55:45 FROM DOWNTOWN!

    CoreyCoreyIl y a 7 ans
  • Just to make it more exciting and involve a bit of luck factor, I think they should let the game choose their characters (using the random "???" thing). At this point I think we all know how strong Kim/King/Karate/Takuma are...

    kchannerukchanneruIl y a 7 ans
    • maybe... but on the same coin in the top 8 I want to see the players at their best...

      BloodySteel64BloodySteel64Il y a 7 ans
  • Grand de um amigo

    ailton souzaailton souzaIl y a 7 ans
  • I've never even looked at king of fighters before, but oh my fuck. Some of these characters deserve lawsuits for being so friggin' related to SF characters lol.

    Alec HammondAlec HammondIl y a 7 ans
    • @***** Holy shit, just shut the fuck up. You have no idea what you're talking about, dirtbag.

      Hugo FariasHugo FariasIl y a 6 ans
    • There will always be copied character styles and looks. End of story. Lol

      Alec HammondAlec HammondIl y a 6 ans
    • Different language. ? Dont have time to translate. Lol

      Alec HammondAlec HammondIl y a 6 ans
    • your excuse could be only ryo-ryu ..yes but dont forget sakura is also a rip-off to yuri ...nice try SF fans

      jashinhateskonanjashinhateskonanIl y a 7 ans
    • Bahaha, nice attempt at a troll bub, but your opinion, means nothing to me! :D

      Alec HammondAlec HammondIl y a 7 ans
  • LMAO!!! 1:19:42 Hellpockets says it best. 2:41:52 the quote of these finals for this event! :D so hype. I got KOF but cant train my fingers to this level but its always fun to watch though.

    kombatjenningkombatjenningIl y a 7 ans
  • Combo, HD cancel juggle Super HD remix cancel, Super ninteno 64 cancel juggle juggle juggle special ultra cancel, Max ultra super cancel. Love watching people play but this game's to technical for me.

    Latesha HamiltonLatesha HamiltonIl y a 7 ans
    • @Michael Campbell Totally agree with you. I mean, it's a headache to play this game THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED, which is why I prefer games like Guilty Gear (which is even more technical but still gives you a chance to satiate your thirst for big combo counters). In my opinion, a fighting game should have something for everyone, so that both average gamers AND, u know, those lightning-fingers combo cancel experts can enjoy it.

      Garviel LokenGarviel LokenIl y a 6 ans
    • IVE Played, still think it's to technical for me, I do love King though fun character, and the rolling mechanic just like SF alpha 3, but I'm a stick to, UMVC3 and SSF4AE, the meter stuff+ Combo cancel isn't for me, it's basically like needing a turbo to do damage. (Turbo- Upgrade's your character's juggle potential for bigger combo's- Yun on SS4AE uses it.)

      Latesha HamiltonLatesha HamiltonIl y a 7 ans
    • +1 for making me laugh aside, that's an opinion I've seen a lot, the "too technical" thing. Having 160 hours of KoF down (and by no means being a good player) - yeah, high-level play is highly technical, as is to be expected of any competetive game. But it's really sad that this really awesome game has so few players just because there are twenty different names for pressing certain buttons at different times. It's not that complicated once you get into it - it's literally the second fighting game I've ever played for real (the first one being Skullgirls, aka babbies' first fighting gaem), and just playing and watching a video or two every now and then eased me into all those concepts that seems so over-complicated and "technical". tl;dr People, please. Play this game.

      PhilPhilIl y a 7 ans
    • Super ninteno 64 cancel - =))))))

      Denis SoykaDenis SoykaIl y a 7 ans
  • That sad moment when you've realized you spent a lot of time typing up a long rant, just to know deep inside, nobody is gonna read it.

    Brian StannBrian StannIl y a 7 ans
  • If there was one fighting game I wish I could play, it's KOF. I just can't master maneuvering around the stage. It's silly, I know and I've practiced this game ALOR but I cannot move effeciently i this game. If you guys want an example of what I mean picture this. Remember the first time you placed Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3? Especially against someone who knew how to dash cancel?

    Mhn FiveMhn FiveIl y a 7 ans
  • Hype finals, hellpockets commentary is so bad though.

    lshsballerlshsballerIl y a 7 ans
  • This game is so sweet, wish I had it.

    Zazz ZazzmenZazz ZazzmenIl y a 7 ans
    • Zazz Zazzmen but I think you like street fighters more than KOF

      Shubham SonsurkarShubham SonsurkarIl y a 3 ans
    • Zazz Zazzmen it's on phone

      ParisParisIl y a 4 ans
  • mejicano losers jajaja

    Francisco UgarteFrancisco UgarteIl y a 7 ans
  • @2.23.20 I love the good sportamanship on display.

    AngelusDlionAngelusDlionIl y a 7 ans
  • how come some characters have their names red? can someone explain what does that mean?

    novablaster1000novablaster1000Il y a 7 ans
    • thanks man. you helped alot

      novablaster1000novablaster1000Il y a 7 ans
    • DLC characters. Mr.Karate is Takuma's alter ego. EX/NESTS Kyo (red) is old Kyo. EX Iori (classic Iori) is how Iori was in old KOF's.

      DauntedMelodiesDauntedMelodiesIl y a 7 ans
  • So I've never played KOF. What's The difference between the regular version of a character and the EX version?

    BlaZBlaqueBlaZBlaqueIl y a 7 ans
    • NESTS Kyo and Flaming Iori are the 'original' versions of both characters, who were reworked for KOF13. Mr. Karate is Takuma's alter ego. Essentially, they're entirely different characters, though they use the same normals, and they're definitely balanced.

      NerfedFalconNerfedFalconIl y a 7 ans
    • damage is higher for the short time.

      Lunar FallLunar FallIl y a 7 ans
  • I always kind of liked Street Fighter more than King Of Fighters..but I feel like KOF deserves so much more attention than SF,I like the 2D they stuck with, I wish SF had done the same, I think it would have been a better game overall and would have left a small small possibility of CVS3 ... but capcom hates giving fans what they want. None the less these dudes are Epic players.

    KingKingIl y a 7 ans
    • ​@Jin Kazama STFU

    • @sety holsety K.

      dot dot dotdot dot dotIl y a 5 ans
    • @Player 1 Whatever you can tell yourself that makes things easier, that's okay.

      Zero EscapeZero EscapeIl y a 5 ans
    • @sety holsety Well if I was a troglodyte I wouldn't be able to comment, guess were both in the wrong.

      dot dot dotdot dot dotIl y a 5 ans
    • @Player 1 If my head was eviscerated, I would not be able to so effectively saturate you sodium-wise. I would be dead.

      Zero EscapeZero EscapeIl y a 5 ans
  • Im ready to see MainMan go

    VisualizingsVisualizingsIl y a 7 ans