YOU GONNA GET BUSTER WOLF'D! Terry Smash Ult. - Hype & Rage Compilation

12 nov. 2019
258 876 Vues

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  • There’s something magical about 5+ player smash

    Some Relativley Uninteresting Seal To Listen TooSome Relativley Uninteresting Seal To Listen TooIl y a mois
  • What's the first song called?

    WulfWulfIl y a mois
  • is funny that Max is not in the competitive scene of ultimate but he is saving the game, like people did back then with melee. So many leaders of ultimate dont know how to carry the legacy

    Magic 0Magic 0Il y a 7 mois
    • not that the game is in danger atm, but truly a lot of haters try to prevent ultimate to keep going so that slippy can take over

      Magic 0Magic 0Il y a 7 mois
  • 8:59 to 9:07 don't worry about it steve it will not kill you tree

    James DumbtimeJames DumbtimeIl y a 7 mois
  • 7:47 bad idea hammer

    James DumbtimeJames DumbtimeIl y a 7 mois
  • Max: Steven Steve:Aaaaaaa 7:37 Steve Died from stage get up

    James DumbtimeJames DumbtimeIl y a 7 mois
  • 6:36 P6 pick ridley I have big brain

    James DumbtimeJames DumbtimeIl y a 7 mois
  • 5:48 to 5:52 Steve doesn't like this game

    James DumbtimeJames DumbtimeIl y a 7 mois
  • 2:35 kenny died just max Simmon and STEVE are alive so they took 7 minute time cause to start sudden death Kenny got 6 min and 58 sec

    James DumbtimeJames DumbtimeIl y a 7 mois
  • lordminion777

    Peter LonghalPeter LonghalIl y a 8 mois
  • I hate the "AnImE sWoRdFiGhTeR" mentality. To give you an idea of how bad it is, I said once I wanted Sol Badguy to join and (I shit you not) someone replied to me saying *he'd be too much like Roy.* Like there's people who were insisting Hero would have a counter (Despite that not being a fixture of the Dragon Quest series) up until the full moveset reveal. Like outside of a select few (Sora, Dante, 2B) the Western fanbase loves to bitch about them being generic rather than look into what they're actually like.

    tailsBOOM!tailsBOOM!Il y a 9 mois
  • 1:30 I agree. You have a very god argument there.

    Break MonsterBreak MonsterIl y a 9 mois
  • Ever wonder if when max busted in j he yelled are you okay before, followed by bust a wife

    Matthew HermanMatthew HermanIl y a 10 mois
  • As much as i watch competitive smash. I always enjoy watching You playing smash in a party way max.

    phantom Jake16titanphantom Jake16titanIl y a an
  • Damn im missing the boys so bad

    DavidDavidIl y a an
  • 9:30 THE IRONY

    Infernal 203Infernal 203Il y a an

    LynkLynkIl y a an
  • 9:32 *oh boy*

    Aussie KirbyAussie KirbyIl y a an
  • that last moment foreshadowing, lol.

    GIPSYGIPSYIl y a an
  • Hey, Max.... ARE YOU OKAY?!

    ForgottenSonsForgottenSonsIl y a an
  • 9:37 Suddenly I like Byleth a lot more for some reason.

    Max MarrinerMax MarrinerIl y a an
  • 3:01 What anime is that when Steve yells "Yes! Oh, NOOOOOO!"

    DJ AwesomeSauceDJ AwesomeSauceIl y a an
  • Bruh never again 9:40

    Bugle BerryBugle BerryIl y a an
  • 9:36 only if he knew...

    Ryan MarcelRyan MarcelIl y a an
  • 9:32 Fucking ouch.

    Jared ThompsonJared ThompsonIl y a an
  • Sakurai: You said you WANTED a three houses character?

    ShoelaceShoelaceIl y a an
  • 9:32 this did not age well huh...

    SirKingKoopaSirKingKoopaIl y a an

    SaturnSaturnIl y a an
  • Well.... This is awkward to come back to

    Thomasmax 105Thomasmax 105Il y a an
  • 9:32 aged real well

    Allison HarperAllison HarperIl y a an
  • Hey look they added a three houses character lol

    Kenpachi Fried ChickenKenpachi Fried ChickenIl y a an
  • Three house future prediction happens :D

    Ant-OniAnt-OniIl y a an
  • What the hell does terry say in his final smash

    Randy PickleshoesRandy PickleshoesIl y a an
  • This aged well! XD Simmons saying we don't want a Three Houses character and now we have one!

    SideShowBattSideShowBattIl y a an
    • @Elias Nicolas Miranda I'm not even mad it's just funny to see all the salt.

      SideShowBattSideShowBattIl y a an
  • 9:33 :^)

    Logan M. The NinjaLogan M. The NinjaIl y a an
  • Man, Simmons called it

    Tyr McDohlTyr McDohlIl y a an
  • this video aged nicely.

    blacksiopaoblacksiopaoIl y a an
  • 9:35 OH THE IRONY

    Michael PooleMichael PooleIl y a an
  • The end of this aged very well...

    Jacob WillsonJacob WillsonIl y a an
  • ending bit did not age well LOL

    KaizenKaizenIl y a an
  • 9:35 Sakurai was like "u wot m8"

    Jared WatsonJared WatsonIl y a an
    • Sakurai was listening Steven

      Jakob RamirezJakob RamirezIl y a an
  • 9:32 we know who to blame for the three houses character as the final new fighter for the smash lol

    Montrell JohnsonMontrell JohnsonIl y a an

    Ian VaillancourtIan VaillancourtIl y a an
  • Smash as God intended thank you Sakuri

    HollowKnightHollowKnightIl y a an
  • Simmons: 9:32 I don't want any of those three houses bastards in this game. Ohhhhhh boy Terry, that comment didn't age well

    AtomikbusterAtomikbusterIl y a an
    • Steeb: YOU LISTENIN' BITCH!! Master Hero Socer guy: ...OH?!?! You wanna play? I MADE THE GAME!!

      HolyShadowsHolyShadowsIl y a an
  • That last quote aged beautifully.

    MexiTikiMexiTikiIl y a an
  • they added a three houses character simmon's wish was not heard

    Vector A12Vector A12Il y a an
  • What is the song he used for this video?

    Kid OmniKid OmniIl y a an
    • Shooting Dio Thank you so much, Lord Dio.

      Kid OmniKid OmniIl y a an
    • Survivors under the sky from KoF XIV

      Shooting DioShooting DioIl y a an
  • Can someone link me the full twitch stream of this?

    Marcus BullockMarcus BullockIl y a an
  • The misic in the background kills the mood of the video 😐

    Anthony FunesAnthony FunesIl y a an
  • What is the picture from 3:02 from? It looks familiar and it is killing me

    Roq M0ZRoq M0ZIl y a an
  • Is this a harem or something? There's so many buster waifs!

    Red VanquishRed VanquishIl y a an
  • 1:44 FINISH HIM

    Jerrel DavidsonJerrel DavidsonIl y a an
  • I don't dislike Simmons as much as others, but I really don't like his Three Houses comment. Just because he doesn't want one of those characters in doesn't mean no one does. A lot of people want a Three Houses rep. Let them dream man...

    Buster BoyBuster BoyIl y a an
    • Well, given Simmons's general dislike for anything anime, it really isn't surprising that people will troll Simmons on that subject whenever they could.

      BlacktwinswordsBlacktwinswordsIl y a an
  • Y is no one talking about 8:33 by far my favorite part of the vid

    Inama RaptureInama RaptureIl y a an
  • Steve got me rolling, talk about you see this bitch lol

    Life and fitness of TonyLife and fitness of TonyIl y a an
  • Are you ok?

    Marvel YoshiMarvel YoshiIl y a an
  • Are u ok?

    Michael FoxMichael FoxIl y a an
  • Can I safely say that Terry is the most beloved in the franchise, while Mai is the fan favorite?

    BalbanethBalbanethIl y a an

    Focus_20SFFocus_20SFIl y a an

    BalbanethBalbanethIl y a an
  • Outstanding guys :-D. Hectic fun madness lol.

    Johno DazJohno DazIl y a an
  • Boi when they add a fire emblem three houses character im going to lose my shit lmao


    KotaroKotaroIl y a an
  • 8:44 I can't get over this. Ladies and gentlemen, we are watching Kirby, Roy, Mega Man, Ridley, Joker, and Banjo & Kazooie fight on a Final Fantasy VII stage with a boss from Monster Hunter in the mix. What the hell.

    Xade PsyconicXade PsyconicIl y a an
  • I was hoping you'd do this

    botchedbladejob on instabotchedbladejob on instaIl y a an
  • “We don’t need any Three Houses in here” Me, other FE fans, and most of Japan: well too damn bad BITCH!!!

    Silverwind XSilverwind XIl y a an
  • Yo Simmons u need to shut up already. Sakurai with everything he's given us in Smash Ultimate can add whoever the hell he wants. If he wants to add a Three Houses rep he can damn well do so and nobody should say anything with everything he's done for this game. Hell, if he wants to add a Mario ? Block or a Zelda Pot then all you should do is bite your tongue, close your mouth, grit your teeth and smile.

    SuperNerdBrizzySuperNerdBrizzyIl y a an
  • 0:25 Name of song playing?

    GavwavGavwavIl y a an
    • Art of Fighting

      James DumbtimeJames DumbtimeIl y a 7 mois
  • Just screaming... ok

    Edwin Van IerselEdwin Van IerselIl y a an
  • This is so stressful

    KayanoLIVEKayanoLIVEIl y a an
  • Hail to the King baby...the King of Fighters!

    The Blue WayfarerThe Blue WayfarerIl y a an
  • Can someone list the music used?

    TallyTallyIl y a an
  • Damn I never played with more then 3 players in Super Smash Brothers ever before. And these guys are playing with 6 people? Crazy people I tell you super Crazy!

    Dominic TimmonsDominic TimmonsIl y a an
  • that love max nice finish awhile pokemon doing razor leaf attacks i saw that it was awesome.

    TheDamienDXTheDamienDXIl y a an
  • Ken - Kung fu Max Siegfried - Max of the round table Terry - Max in the city

    I_Am_AngleI_Am_AngleIl y a an
  • at 4:03 a Down-B would have countered that shite

    Marc Goupil - SALUTHERKINGMarc Goupil - SALUTHERKINGIl y a an
  • Survivors under the sky is my favorite recent SNK track. Good choice!

    SlagomancerSlagomancerIl y a an
  • Who are the ladies at 8:15?

    Ninjhetto NLK3Ninjhetto NLK3Il y a an
  • That jank final smash reaction was so funny.

    beads765beads765Il y a an
  • What is the beginning music from?

    Hobbit SpartanHobbit SpartanIl y a an
  • This was beautiful haha ❤

    Jose CruzJose CruzIl y a an
  • I love how much fun they all have together. A good reminder that this game can be just as fun if not more so if you play it like Sakurai intended.

    YannsterMonsterYannsterMonsterIl y a an

    Nate HodgesNate HodgesIl y a an
  • Simmons playing someone other than Ganondorf? Impossible!

    JustBrianJustBrianIl y a an
  • You got it as smash 4 in the description

    AMIRCAT 100AMIRCAT 100Il y a an
  • GameCube controllers 👍

    iownu92iownu92Il y a an
  • XD I think I hurt myself laughing

    Cyberra 01Cyberra 01Il y a an
  • Whats the song that plays from beginning to 4:00? it sounds hype.

    Solemon BlackSolemon BlackIl y a an
    • @maninredhelm thank you based youtube commentor :)

      Solemon BlackSolemon BlackIl y a an
    • Ikari Team's theme from King of Fighters XIV

      maninredhelmmaninredhelmIl y a an
  • More like Steve gets F in the A compilation


    OzzyTheGiantOzzyTheGiantIl y a an
    • Wise words

      LynkLynkIl y a an
  • Smash bro’s but it’s Terry Bogard

    Viper DmkViper DmkIl y a an
  • LMAO. The hell is that tongue-wagglin' from Max to Steve at 5:33 New emote confirmed? Kappa

    Kir RoyaleKir RoyaleIl y a an
  • Damnit Max!! I won't say it again. Watch your goddamn mouth!!! Shut up and play games!!!

    puub dpuub dIl y a an
  • The Doods never fail to brighten my day at a shitty job

    JoJoStarFoxJoJoStarFoxIl y a an
  • I SWEAR, Rathalos just flew in on a beam, fired by Bahamut Zero, to defend Terry Bogard from the might of Banjo....

    Blackwing2 DABlackwing2 DAIl y a an
  • I’m glad there’s a channel that makes fun of Terry’s English. It’s his best quality.

    AflayAflayIl y a an
  • I lost it when Max showed tongue at 05:34 😂

    Dani PlaysDani PlaysIl y a an
  • Who agrees that it would be hype to have a video were Max learns to a Smash pro how to play a standard figting game and then they would do the reverse were Max learns Melee or competitive Ult? I would watch that video.

    Louis CoronaLouis CoronaIl y a an

    PhillzPhillzIl y a an