The New Caretaker | Mark Angel Tv | (Episode 15) Caretaker Series

25 sept. 2020
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New Caretaker, Mark Angel, the Caretaker fights to retain his position as the Caretaker in the compound.

Mark Angel receives a phone call from his landlord asking him to summon all the tenants in the compound to a meeting the following day to discuss the Change of Power in the compound.

Mark Angel hearing this from the Landlord is scared that his tenure as the Caretaker is about to come to an end. This makes him go wild as he starts talking to himself, planning how to retain his position as the Caretaker.
Baze 10 notices as Mark Angel is acting wired and walks to him to ask the reason he is acting wired. Mark Angel tries to explain to him how he is worried about losing is position as the Caretaker, but pauses and ask if he would love to become the new Caretaker or would support someone else like Mr Azu to become the new Caretaker, Baze 10 claims that Mark Angel is the best Caretaker ever and for that reason he would never want or support anyone else to be the Caretaker in the compound apart from Mark Angel.

Mark Angel feels less worried as he comes up with a plan to help retain his position as the Caretaker while Baze 10 in the other hand turns to betray Mark Angel as he goes to Mr Azu asking him to contest for the Caretaker's position in the compound promising to give him his full support, but unfortunately, for him Mr Azu is not interested in the Caretaker's position as he rejects the idea and tells him that he would never want to become the Caretaker in the compound.

Mark Angel goes on to execute his game plan as he kindles being unnecessary good to the tenants. He would surrender himself and offeres to run errands for the tenants, something he would never do on a normal day.
The tenants find his new attitude suspicious especially Mr Azu who went on to tell him that he is suspecting that the Caretaker has an hidden agenda hence the reason for his good deeds. Mark Angel replies saying Mr Azu does not like good things and the fact that he has repented and ask him to just keep mute rather than discouraging others who love good things.

Finally, the day for the meeting for the changing of power. The landlord and all the tenants are gathered as Mark Angel, the Caretaker delivers a long message telling the landlord of how he takes good of the compound and the tenants to the point of even feeding some of them and gifting some of them clothing and also spending his money on drinks and meat just to make the meeting lively and comfortable for the landlord and the tenant as he points to the meat and drinks on the table.

The Landlord is happy about his kind gesture and thanks him for it and moves on to explaining the power change over which was the main reason behind the meeting. Mark Angel at this point is very worried as he objects, telling the landlord that the power change over is not really necessary, but the landlord would not buy it as he tells him that it is very necessary.

Nonetheless, his worries is put to an end as the landlord elaborates that they, the tenants will no longer be paying their electricity bills to the HNP Power supply company, but to the new Enugu Power Suply company as the government have taken power from the HNP power suply company.

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