Jeremy Lynch - TIKTOK july 2021

24 juil. 2021
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Jeremy Lynch is a footballer & football freestyler who made it to the Semi-Finals of Britain's Got Talent in Series 2. Before Britain's Got Talent, he had played for Arsenal.

Please watch my video where i draw Jeremy Lynch

In his audition, Jeremy Lynch performed to 'Crazy in Love' by Beyoncé. Jeremy Lynch balanced a football on his head and on the back of his neck, before circling it round his neck. He then performed some kick-ups, before balancing the ball on his forehead. He then finished his performance with some kick-ups whilst laid down.

In the semi-finals, Jeremy Lynch performed to 'A Little Less Conversation' by Elvis Presley. He began by dacing around the ball, however it began to roll of the stage. He recovered the ball, and began to perform some skilled kick-ups. He lost the ball again, causing Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan to press their buzzers, however the act continued. Jeremy spun round the stage with the ball trapped at his feet, and then finished the performance with some more kick-ups laid down.


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  • Please watch my video where i draw Jeremy Lynch

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  • What would you do if we, 2 obese men, broke into your house? Me: runs upstairs because they would take forever to go up.

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  • Unfortunately I am from Italy and I can tell you guys that even though we have a nice country in tourism and food, we have a trash government and people

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    • You mean *almost every country on earth?*

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  • 3:41 its called shadow boxing sooo yea

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  • Plot Twist: Chale wasn't lying it was somebody else

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  • 1:28 I hope that’s not real that spider is very posin

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    ֆʊʀƭʏ  ǟʀʏǟռƭɨ ֆʊʀƭʏ ǟʀʏǟռƭɨ Il y a mois
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  • ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;

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  • I wouldn't be scared to go in my neighbour's garden which has big dogs to get the ball, i would be scared of falling off the fence cuz i cant climb a fence like jeremy can 😂

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  • 0:40 feeling like I eat to much feeling like i eat to much I need oreos I need oreos

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