Bring Me The Horizon - Kingslayer (Lyric Video) ft. BABYMETAL

30 oct. 2020
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Bring Me The Horizon - Kingslayer (Lyric Video) ft. BABYMETAL
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are you looking for the other side? 
feel like nothing ever seems quite right? 
are you circling the drain pipe,
getting off on pain like 
you’re corrupted?
i need to know where your loyalties lie 
tell me are you gonna bark or bite?  
do you really want to twist the knife 
in the belly of the monster? 
get the fuck up 
wake the fuck up 
wipe the system
and back the fuck up. 
you’re a puppet 
when they cut your strings off
don’t come crawling back. 
destroying castles in the sky 
forevermore the apple of my eye 
i’d sacrifice my life to find you 
angel of the blade 
come and collect us from the night 
暗い (Cry)
another world
this world is so dark that i can’t see 
the future won’t disappear 
but i want to obtain 
another world 
system failure  
is encrypted 
you are modified 
like a virus 
in a lullaby 
artificial ‘til the day you die 
silly programme
you’re corrupted! 
get the fuck up 
wake the fuck up 
wipe the system
& back the fuck up. 
you’re a puppet 
when they cut your strings off 
don’t come crawling back 
you’re on your own. 

さあ 時の
(now, let’s go
and open the door of time)
destroying castles in the sky 
i’ll fight for you until i die 
destroying castles in the sky 
forevermore the apple of my eye 
i’d sacrifice it all to guide you 
never have to battle alone 
come and collect us from the night 
this is your wake up call 
we’re going down the rabbit hole 
are you ready? 
i can’t feel you. 
is this what you want? 
this is what you’ll fucking get. 
#BringMeThehorizon #BMTH #BringMeTheHorizonftBABYMETAL #BMTHKingslayer

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    Precious ShatteringsPrecious ShatteringsIl y a 4 jours
    • @Precious Shatterings I mean five years late to them being electronic. Also you should know it’s a collab because someone you don’t tecongixe is singing. And it’s in the title

      geiseric222geiseric222Il y a jour
    • @geiseric222 How am I five years late to this? Also, seeing I don’t live in Japan, how am I supposed to know this is a collab. Even so, my point still stands. Don’t get all angry at me for saying my opinion, I could’ve said some rude shit, instead I just voiced an opinion.

      Precious ShatteringsPrecious ShatteringsIl y a jour
    • Your like five years late to notice this I guess. Also the girls not random,, this is what’s called a collab and lots of artists do them

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  • 5/5/2021 11:38pm

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