YA’LL TOO THIRSTY FOR RAM - Guilty Gear Strive Developer Backyard 5

7 avril 2021
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  • New to fighting games and have been playing 3rd Strike and SFV. Looking forward to this game but the tutorial doesn't sound pleasing

    WeeblyWeeblyIl y a 20 jours
  • Please no auto combo

    Placeholder SoftwarePlaceholder SoftwareIl y a 25 jours
  • Or rather all the bad A are enabling bad people to harm the good A that is in America.

    RottenRottenIl y a 26 jours
  • Another white male who have relationship with an Asian person and think that it justify them being racist. Possibly that A person is also an enabler. All the bad A ones are in America for some reasons.

    RottenRottenIl y a 26 jours
  • Cmon mannn she was mine, now everyone wants her

    JJIl y a 26 jours
  • Ram supremacy!!!!!! My wife is on her first step to world domination!

    Bizzare JellyBizzare JellyIl y a 27 jours
  • "Jumping is too strong" Potemkin players reaching up to swat some bothersome flies: Was it really?

    Akay4444444444444444Akay4444444444444444Il y a 28 jours
  • I played Leo exclusively.

    OG FightclubOG FightclubIl y a 28 jours
  • Brilliant Rundown Max. GG: Strive's Beta i felt was really good, really cool and very successful and the new improvements are sounding really great, i can't wait too get my butt kicked in the next upcoming Beta lol and i am so looking forward too the Full Game Releasing.

    Johno DazJohno DazIl y a 29 jours
  • Tutorials in most games suck. I think the best way to handle a tutorial is to allow a player to just mess around with buttons and tactics. If they have a deliberate question, give them means to query, and if they're repeatedly making the same mistake, explain why it's a mistake and how to solve it. In the case of a fighting game, you could gradually ramp up the difficulty of the A.I. until the player's performance starts to plummet. The game could be designed to figure out the player's failings (eg: they are never blocking) and explain what they can do (hold back to block). A really well-designed A.I. could even learn a player's spam habits and capitalize on them so they're forced to correct.

    Stammer6Stammer6Il y a 29 jours
  • Ram, Gio and Nago all consistently hitting those top spots on popularity. THE LEAGUE OF DARK SKINNED CUTIES ACHIEVE TOTAL VICTORY!

    The Professional NoviceThe Professional NoviceIl y a 29 jours
  • I'm really glad that ArcSystem is taking more in account its fans, and that they are getting the spotlight they deserve since years ago! I confess that wasn't that much interested on GGSTRIVE at the beginning but is shaping very great now, and already pre-ordered it. BTW, great video Max! Very accurated as always.

    Josué Benjamín HernándezJosué Benjamín HernándezIl y a 29 jours
  • As a Ram main in GG Xrd this pleases me greatly ^^

    delta_regdelta_regIl y a mois
  • i mean i get feet is a thing but how did noone go for those MEATY POTEMPKIN HANDS in their game pick? mans could bitch slap the sun out the sky.

    ded mnwlknded mnwlknIl y a mois
  • The Tutorial Mode was fine for casuals And New People to fighting games because most new people or casuals just want to pick up a controller learn the buttons and play. You have a option in mission mode to learn RC’s And Stuff. I think that’s fine instead of forcing it on people. Xrd Tutorial was great but to casuals or new people it’s too long or difficult and it drives them away from the game. Do the basic first then let them pick the option to go to the next instead of having a 30 to 50 min tutorial.

    EdoSaiyanEdoSaiyanIl y a mois
  • You think they're thirsty? Just imagine what will happen if they reintroduce B R I D G E T.

    Greenhunter47Greenhunter47Il y a mois
  • Imagine having an adventure mode where you begin with no moves except movement and basic jabs, and as you proceed you learn each and every move of the character. In my opinion that'd be a fun introduction to the game

    iCom3ntiCom3ntIl y a mois
  • She's a dark skinned beauty that can also kick-ass

    ghastly airsghastly airsIl y a mois
  • Just break the tutorials down into levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert. People will run through and retain information from the levels of tutorials that are of interest to them and/or that they can actually pull off in a match. As long as all the information is available to learn in-game, no one can complain.

    protodevilinprotodevilinIl y a mois
  • It is absolutely inspirational how dedicated the developers are to making this the greatest fighting game in a long time much respect to Arc Systems.👏👏👏

    DasmeseeDasmeseeIl y a mois
  • except in Them's Fightin' Herds considered having the best tutorial in all the fighting game in the world

    Bandana YeeBandana YeeIl y a mois
    • Actually, Guilty Gear Xrd is considered Best Tutorial and its so good that theres two videos talking about it

      Starhealer 3Starhealer 3Il y a mois
  • I'm very surprised Potemkin is not there. He's the only character in the beta I always lose to because he's so Unga Bunga.😐

    DasmeseeDasmeseeIl y a mois
  • I wish they'll add challenges, like those 100+ ones from GGX2, where they give you a specific character witth certain restrictions (like no jumping, only 20% hp, can't use meter, etc)

    Alcheon ArtAlcheon ArtIl y a mois
  • someone please give me the name of the song and game playing in the background of this video

    BigBoi12BigBoi12Il y a mois
    • That's the lobby theme from GGST

      Heavy Machine GunHeavy Machine GunIl y a 29 jours
  • I especially enjoy the devs sticking to their guns in regards to their foundational design choices but still agreeing that fine tuning is necessary in some areas

    Kevin HurdKevin HurdIl y a mois

    HardR BruhHardR BruhIl y a mois
  • "What about blending the tutorials into the single player elements?" So like the mini-objectives from KOF13? But instead of "hit them three times," its "punish volcanic viper 2 times"

    Peter GrauerPeter GrauerIl y a mois
  • As a Ky main, I'm just happy to see his name up there :)

    Jerica HuntJerica HuntIl y a mois
  • As someone who plays ram in xrd its wierd that she is this popular now for me lol

    Crimson XCrimson XIl y a mois
  • Shoutouts to Jiyuna making the "toasty" cameo on this video.

    NeoKurowNeoKurowIl y a mois
  • 4:35 ... no you don't get it. They are suggesting that people YOLO and play like little kids who just mash and hope for the best.

    Jason LeongJason LeongIl y a mois

    Spirit of the WolfSpirit of the WolfIl y a mois
  • Kliff?

    EM=AdvancingEM=AdvancingIl y a mois
  • Of course everyone loves feet girl.

    Pensive ScarletPensive ScarletIl y a mois
  • Yeah, um, them thigh physics? They ain't physics. Strive doesn't use jiggle physics as far as I know. I believe them models have animations hand crafted frame-by-frame. *They added that shit in on purpose.* They coulda made them static but *NOPE* someone woke up and chose aphrodisiac one morning. They knew what they were doin'. They made everybody a simp. *And I'm the one drivin' the bandwagon.*

    Grayson BauerGrayson BauerIl y a mois
  • a game dev listening to players.... Holy fuck there is hope to gaming community

    Ricardo FernandesRicardo FernandesIl y a mois
  • I'm sure they're gonna release yearly expansions that expand on mechanics and new characters similar to Xrd.

    3FreddyKrueger3FreddyKruegerIl y a mois
  • Why are arcsys games lobby’s so delayed with movement

    kevin sheltonkevin sheltonIl y a mois

    BraveryyBraveryyIl y a mois
  • lol random Jiyuna sihting!

    Adam HongAdam HongIl y a mois
  • the hype for this game within me is unseething

    GaonaGaonaIl y a mois
  • What they intended is very much what most (hardcore?) people don't get, or don't do (which is very reflected in your confusion and response). When people don't get taught, they don't simply experiment or get a feel for it, they go look for someone else who will teach them online. But the idea is not mistranslated or controversial. They don't want you to feel like you *have* to know what everything does, in a logical, academical manner, in order to have fun.

    BIZEBBIZEBIl y a mois
  • Brain dead AI kinda hot 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    PurpPurpIl y a mois
  • I only used ram and nago

    All About: The SticksAll About: The SticksIl y a mois
  • The entire fucking planet: We love brown-skinned thick girls.

    UndevigintiUndevigintiIl y a mois
  • Praying for PC PlayStation Crossplay.

    AutumnsAntagonistAutumnsAntagonistIl y a mois
  • Can’t wait for the PC version later this month!

    Liana BenksLiana BenksIl y a mois
  • 1:29 When you show up to a dodge car dealership

    Matthew S.Matthew S.Il y a mois
  • 4:15-8:00 *I hope they can fix the tutorial because I really want to buy this game* *Because I never really play fighting games but this one looks absolutely beautiful* *So I hope they can fix it up a bit so I know what buttons I’m supposed to be pushing for combos.* 😂

    Asta Is A Beast!Asta Is A Beast!Il y a mois
  • Never played a guilty gear before but saw the beta gameplay and am now very interested. Please fix the tutorial, I don't want to study lmao

    Promethyus_Promethyus_Il y a mois
  • I know it might sound crazy, but how about doing it like every other fucking fighting game and just give us damn menus for online, instead of these trash cumbersome ArkSys lobbies.

    LufftaleLufftaleIl y a mois
  • I think their point about not having to study is giving the tutorial just enough to get up and running without having to learn like 1000 mechanics that you'll forget by the time you actually go in to play.

    Nick ZieglerNick ZieglerIl y a mois
  • Not gonna lie, the Jiyuna pop up made me laugh.

    JonathanJonathanIl y a mois
  • Ram gots some bouncy thighs. Yummy :P

    JokerJokerIl y a mois
  • Wait, your telling me SAJAM plays Leo? Crazy

    KojinKojinIl y a mois
  • So the things that kept me away from this Guilty Gear will be fixed? Hopefully that will happen. I have eye problems, so being able to see what's going on is key for me.

    Neko VermillionNeko VermillionIl y a mois
  • wether you like it or not they re completely right about what they re saying for the combos

    cyanurecyanureIl y a mois
  • Ram is certified Waifu

    Furious WasabiFurious WasabiIl y a mois
  • I don't know why I thought I'd be the only Ram simp, smh.

    OAKe ClipsOAKe ClipsIl y a mois
  • Well, when you’re a man of culture.....

    VoidzerVoidzerIl y a mois
  • People talk about Ram's feet but not her thicc ass thighs and booty? The nerve of some people..

    MarzMarzIl y a mois
  • Easy character man KEKW what can i say

    Daniel RosheuvelDaniel RosheuvelIl y a mois
  • Keep in mind the command list is extensive on explaining the moves, beginners looking at that will be at ease on knowing what move does what. Tutorial sounds like it needs tweaking. I didn't play it though.

    Jotaku JoJotaku JoIl y a mois
  • Who wouldn't like Ram? She has two gigantic swords that she doesn't physically swing and shoots a huge beam.

    Mr ToastMr ToastIl y a mois
  • Damage must be lowered, fights are too shorts. And all they do - change meter. New players just love to be KOed in one combo from a start.

    MKirisameMKirisameIl y a mois
  • Tekken 7 has the replay mode which identifies areas where you did the wrong input and tells you what you should use instead

    Clavell RichardsClavell RichardsIl y a mois
  • So what I'm hearing is Pot Buster + RC + Heavenly Potemkin Buster will now OHKO

    Mason R-AyinMason R-AyinIl y a mois
  • I don't even play guilty gear (yet?) And i have to admit, yes indeed.

    iota-09iota-09Il y a mois
  • I'm not thirsty I just like how she reminds me of an Aqua Force unit she is a baddie though

    Hunter RonanHunter RonanIl y a mois
  • There was nothing wrong with Xrd's tutorial mode tho... At least it made learning fun

    Sir CharlesSir CharlesIl y a mois
  • i wouldnt be surprised if it gets delayed again after the beta in may

    HellaSteveHellaSteveIl y a mois
  • This will be the first fighting game I pick up since MKX. Extreme respect for the candor Arcsys has shown during development

    MrGruntlesMrGruntlesIl y a mois
  • Wait really people were playing Ram for reasons other than her very complex and interesting set play as well as her intricate combo game? Who’d a thunk it

    Dylan BussellDylan BussellIl y a mois
  • you increase gauge via taunts, that would be cool

    Will's WordWill's WordIl y a mois
    • @Dominick Weiss I just think it would be a cool idea to implement

      Will's WordWill's WordIl y a mois
    • So, the inverse of Art of Fighting?

      Dominick WeissDominick WeissIl y a mois
  • Smh I've lived her since seeing her in SIGN and getting my hands on Revelator

    Beatz and BasseBeatz and BasseIl y a mois
  • RAM and GIOVANNA being top means peolpe is thirsty for darker skin girls.

    Santiago Morales GarciaSantiago Morales GarciaIl y a mois
  • It's not enough to teach someone that button A does action B. You have to give them a contextual reason to do it.

    Rau UsuRau UsuIl y a mois
  • This will be my game of the year, or I HOPE so

    Mason TaaffeMason TaaffeIl y a mois
  • very useful video, thanks Dood!

    Jason WestmasJason WestmasIl y a mois
  • Y’all thirsty for Ram but Faust be the one showing off more skin like damn just look at his skeleton

    Virtuous VulcanVirtuous VulcanIl y a mois
  • Ram is cute, has a dog. has bobs and a vegan, has thighs and has a darker skin tone her outfit shows almost all of this and you expect people NOT to thrist for her?

    Nicolas Roman SeguraNicolas Roman SeguraIl y a mois
  • If I played characters by how thirsty I was for them I'd be playing Zato dont lump me in with these feet worshipping weirdos

    Cooldude69Cooldude69Il y a mois
  • Ram has thick, chocolate thighs and everybody loves chocolate.

    calpreycalpreyIl y a mois
    • And some chocolate milk... I'm not sorry

      Dominick WeissDominick WeissIl y a mois
  • Ramlethal is not even cool.. where is Baiken ???? About Fierce moves, they are really difficult to lan... POTEMKIN !!!!

    Diogo BragaDiogo BragaIl y a mois
  • I actually love her for her thigh giggle physics. Such an underused technology.

    bibi greenbibi greenIl y a mois
  • Is this game out yet?

    JosephJosephIl y a mois
  • 7:00 so what Granblue has? Matchup fights and what to do when against certain moves?

    Leon ThyneLeon ThyneIl y a mois
  • I haven’t watched yet but I’m sure they’ve increased the damage of Potemkin Buster.

    Marcus BishopMarcus BishopIl y a mois
  • HEY! Have some respect! I was thirsty for Ramlethal back when she was still crazy. She's just gotten better with time. This isn't new.

    0ctopusComp1etely0ctopusComp1etelyIl y a mois
  • Oh, I was hoping to play Ram but didnt know she was that popular. I hate playing characters that everyone plays -_-

    Anthonystuff1Anthonystuff1Il y a mois

  • Feet are powerful.

    UserUserIl y a mois
  • 0 ms of added delay is perfectly fine depending on rollback implementation. It's the standard for Skullgirls which only has 2f of local delay as well

    Haven MarshallHaven MarshallIl y a mois
  • Jesus, so nobody in Africa counts? lol

    Andy SantosAndy SantosIl y a mois
  • i still hate the large combo Ui thing in the bacground but beside that the game looks great i love that they actually are answering many of the issues in time

    Sami FrancoSami FrancoIl y a mois
  • I feel like the music is mostly reused xrd music

    Andrew MedinaAndrew MedinaIl y a mois
  • The power of dark skinned anime girls.

    BobbyTrizzleBobbyTrizzleIl y a mois
  • You say you disagree with their choices for combos but didn't state why? I am personally really happy they are making that change.

    Jake JutrasJake JutrasIl y a mois
  • "we felt this style of tutorial was successful" wich..is a lie but ok..

    Sami FrancoSami FrancoIl y a mois
  • Ramlethal Ranch

    Justin WilliamsJustin WilliamsIl y a mois